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Publishing on Scienchar

Scienchar is a digital library of KPG which provides access to all the research articles or scholarly work published in KPG Journals. Various scientists and research scholars from all over the world publish their valuable work on this digital library. It consists of abstracts, full-text papers, bibliographic records, pictures along with downloadable PDF files.


  • No publication Charges for any KPG journal!
  • KPG maximizes the impact of articles by keeping all papers Open Access, in all web-supported formats.
  • KPG maintains High Quality of publication by properly monitored Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • KPG uses an open journal system (OJS) framework for efficient and easy management of all publication process.
  • Renting the web indexable publishing to other publishers (Scienchar)
  • Monetary benefits’ to authors and reviewers whenever someone appreciates the efforts.
  • At KPG publication process is focused and monitored for High-Speed publication by reducing any unnecessary delays.


As this work is for science and research and related to academics, we want to charge as minimum as possible. You just have to pay us INR 30 for a paper each year and your paper will be out there in the digital world as long as you want.

External Publishing Team,

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