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Publication Process

This is a non-peer reviewed Scienchar Post.

Our publication process starts with the submission of manuscripts and ends at the publishing of your manuscript online on Scienchar. All the stages between these are explained in the following sections.


First, you need to submit your manuscript at our online portal knousyan in the respective journal. On submission, your manuscript will receive a number or code. An editor will be assigned to your manuscript for quality and relevancy check. If he finds your manuscript suitable for publication, he will assign some reviewers who are experts in that field to review your manuscript and on the basis of their reviews, the decision to accept or reject is finalized or they can ask the author to resubmit the manuscript with some revisions if minor changes are needed. Also, if they feel that your manuscript is more suitable for another journal, they can recommend you publishing your manuscript there.

Peer review process

The peer-review process starts when the editor assigns reviewers to review your manuscript. Editors have a list of people who are specialists in that particular field and have registered with us. They are notified by editors to review a manuscript. They can be open or closed based on their choice. They read your manuscript and are required to give a transparent decision regarding publication. They are given a time limit to complete this process. Also, authors can suggest some reviewers too to fasten the process but the decision will be based on reviews by editor’s reviewers.

Revisions in manuscript

Reviewers can ask you to revise your manuscript instead of rejecting it if only minor changes are there. They will record their decision in a summarised note in which they will suggest you correct some things in your manuscript to enhance its readability or effectiveness. You are required to make those corrections/revisions in your manuscript and resubmit in the desired time limit.

Accepted manuscripts

It is the duty of copyeditors to prepare your accepted manuscript for publication. They enhance the text and make a figure or graphics readable. A particular style is followed by every publication and they will frame your manuscript according to that only.

Published manuscripts

Your manuscript will be published online on Scienchar in HTML format and the PDF format will be attached to this in the downloadable form. Also, we share your manuscripts on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to increase its web presence.

Rejected manuscripts

If your submitted manuscript is not accepted and no revision is asked for, we advise you to submit your manuscript somewhere else. However, please do not submit your manuscript anywhere else waiting for the review from us because reviewers have many manuscripts to review and this can take some time. Also, if you feel that the decision to reject your manuscript is mistaken by reviewers or editors, you can write to them and explain the reasons to reconsider your submission.  

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