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  • Join as KPG Volunteer

    KPG volunteer are a vital force of our organization and works as helping hands in acheiving several of our objectives. We generally take a small amount of time from our volunteers and try our best to give them an opportunity to learn and harness their skillset. Most of our volunteers are college students and we always assign a small quantum of work for each of the volunteerd so that their academics remains unaffected. In additional to providing certification of participation, we often provide some token of appreciation to all our volunteers. Some of the benifits our volunteer enjoys are:

    • Get experience in the area of interest
    • Advance your career by learning skills
    • Get opportunities by meeting people
    • Showcase your skills like problem solving, team work, communication, task management and organization
    • Get Letter of Reference from KPG to aid in getting jobs!

    If you are interested in joining KPG for volunteering, send your resume to

  • Join KPG Editorial and Reviewer Board

    KPG Editorial Board and KPG Reviewers Board are the key part of KPG to ensure publishing of only high quality research. It is because of the commitment of our Editorial and Reviewer board that we can provide a better publishing experience to our authors. Faster decision making on the submitted article, lesser time delay between manuscript submission to manuscript publications are two of the key focus area where we heavily depends on our editors and reviewers.

    Given that our journals covers fundamental sciences as well as applied and industrial research, our editorial and reviewer board have researcher from academia with prior research experience as well as experts from industries with relevant industrial experience. Some of the benifits members of KPG Editorial/Reviewer boards enjoy are:

    • It will directly add to your CV.
    • Enhance your critical thinking.
    • Let the other peers know about your values and expertise.
    • Keep yourself updated about the state of the art research and discoveries.
    • It may give you opportunity to develop fresh ideas and directions to pursue.
    • Spend your vital time with other scientists of your interest.
    • Last but not the least, to acknowledge the contribution of reviewer in improving the paper quality and selecting only the best papers, it is a policy of all KPG. journals to publish name(s) of reviewer(s) in the accepted paper.

  • Organize a KPG Seminar

    KPG Knousabha - Seminars are one day event aimed at promoting networking between researchers working in relatively closer geographical area. Through KPG seminars we aim to encourage scientists and researches from around the world to interact with the young scientists and especially from the countries truly in the need for science mobilization. The orarchiving goal of KPG Knousabha is to promote research activities and to foster synergistic collaborations by sponsoring scientific events and meetings. These scientific events are at the core of KPG’s vision of Mobilizing science. Some of expected benifits of organizing a KPG Seminar are:

    • Develop conference organization skills.
    • Increase your network.
    • Fasten the research and development in your local area by fostering synergistic collaborations.
    • Motivate next generation of scientists for research, development and innovation.

    If you are interested in organizing next KPG funded seminar, contact us at

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