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KPG publishes a collection of Open Access journals across many areas of engineering, biology and their exciting interface. To facilitate a hassle-free publication process, all KPG journals uses Open Journal Systems (OJS)-based KPG Knousyan. KPG Knousyan-based online framework support the entire editorial process starting from paper submission to transparent review process to indexing of accepted papers. We are committed to make KPG Knousyan more author/reviewer/editor-centered and efficient system to make publication process a happy journey to all our authors, reviewers and editors. To find the journal that fits your distinct area of research, consider the scope of the journal since each journal has its own breath of content and specialization.

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KPG Seminars

KPG Knousabha are seminars conducted and funded by KPG. These seminars at the core of KPG’s vision of – Mobilizing science. Through KPG Knousabha we aim to encourage scientists and researches from around the world to interact with the young scientists and especially from the countries truly in the need for science mobilization. KPG Knousabha are funded by KPG and are organized by researchers around the world. The work presented at these seminars is published in KPG journals for free. Find about upcoming KPG seminars or organize next seminar - at no charges!

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At KPG, we believe that science cannot be mobilized by a single person, but with a network of fundamental researchers, technocrats, engineers, medical professionals, and students. KPG has a vast network of associated editors, reviewers, members and volunteers. Meet them here at KPG NETWORKS. KPG channels everyone for increasing science communication among scientists and professionals, and for accelerated learning of students. See the specific benefits of joining us as Member/Editor/Reviewer/Volunteer.


Prof. Adel Mohamed

Suez University, Egypt
Associate Editor,

Dr. Woon Phui Law

Uni. Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
Associate Editor,
Know. J. Mach. Lear. Comp.

Ibrahim Benabdallah

El Manar, Belvedere, Tunisia
Associate Editor,
Know. Electronics Syst.
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Why Choose Us

No publication Charges for any journal!

KPG maximizes the impact of papers by keeping all papers Open Access

KPG maintains High Quality of papers by properly monitored Peer-Reviewed Journals

KPG uses open journal system (OJS) framework for efficient and easy management of all publication process starting from paper submission to indexing of accepted papers

Acknowledgment of the reviewer(s) effort and transparent system by publishing names of reviewer(s) on all the accepted papers. Names of reviewers are disclosed only after peer review, after due permission from reviewer(s).

At KPG publication process is focused and monitored for High-Speed publication by reducing any unnecessary delays.

Authors are requested to make all DATA AVAILABLE to maximize validation and reproducibility.

KPG Testimonials

"...Through KPG Affiliated Project- KPGAP03, we have been given great opportunity to work on a project that demands practical application of all that we have learned till now. Today we feel part of a bigger motive which gives us a sense of achievement, working with an enterprise on real research project. ..." - Students
"I want to organize and chair a KPG Seminar because I am fascinated by the idea of conducting a KPG seminar right here in my city and being able to network with and share my research with other scientists of my field. I think KPG is providing an excellent support system to grow science and help connect the researchers. I would like to have an opportunity to shape one of them. It would be a great honor and a fantastic challenge.” -Organizers
“To be a part of KPG Seminar is an amazing experience since these are very different from other scientific conferences as they are organized by members of the community. They can be tuned to be very specific to a field or be highly interdisciplinary. Hence you can share your risky ideas and get reviewed. Moreover, poster presentations provide enough time to interact meaningfully. Further, you can choose where you want them to be conducted to maximize turnout and minimize travel time. KPG seminars are a wonderful experience” -Participants